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e traditional Banyankole model.Death and AfterlifeAmong the Banyankole, illness ▓is not considered a natural cause of death; theref▓ore, such deaths require an investigation to find a resp▓onsible party. By contrast, old age is accepted as▓ a sufficient cause for death. It is held ▓that God a

llows old people to die after the completion of their time on earth. The Banyankole view death as

ly to contemplat

a p▓assage to another world.When a man dies, every relativ▓e, along with friends and neighbors, is informed. A person who fails to attend the funeral without


a good reason may be suspected of being associated with the p▓erson's death.Before burial, the bod▓y is washed and eyes are closed. As the decea▓sed is placed in the grave, the right hand is placed un▓der the head while the left hand rests on th▓e chest. The body lies on the right side. One o

r more cows a▓re slaughtered to feed everyone present. Beer is p▓rovided as part of the mourning. The mour

e taking on Dolor Sit

ning goes on for four days. A deceased woman is treated in a similar manner except that in the grave she is made to lie on the left side as if she we▓re faci


ng her husband. Her left hand is placed under her head, while her right hand rests on her chest.(Th▓e opinions expressed here do not necessarily refle▓ct the opinions of Panview or )Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us▓ on WechatIrish gov´t claims no public health concernIrish officials have confirmed th▓at cattle at three farms had tested po▓sitive for dioxin, the cancer-causing chemical that has contaminated its pork industry. But they insist the country's beef poses no real risk to health.Ireland has already ordered the withdrawal and destruction of all pork pr

oducts produced since September 1st. But Agri▓culture Minister Brendan Smith says the government deci



ded not to recall any Irish beef pro▓ducts at home or abroad because the level and extent of dioxin found so far in cattle is m▓uch lower.Smith says the cattle with excessive dioxi▓n levels were technically not compliant, but s▓tressed there's no public health concern. He says Ir▓eland will still prevent the moveme▓nt


of any cattle or beef from the three farms in question.BEIJING, Aug.

5 (Xinhua) -- Cattle dung has traditi▓onally been a major so

urce of household energy▓ for 55-year-o

ld Yuzhen and her neighbors in

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